Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How To Have An Amazing Fourth Of July Mardi Gras Party

The Fourth of July celebrations do not have to be the same year in, year out. Why not shake things up a bit – at the very least, shake up your storage cupboard – and bring out the feather boas and the Mardi Gras beads bulk supply that you have for your July 4 party? Most of us have Mardi Gras beads and mesh ribbon rolls left over in patriotic colors. Make use of them for your Independence Day party decorations or simply wear some beads when you head out for the parade.

You can also use the red, white and blue deco mesh ribbon that you have left over for Fourth of July decorations. Design a wreath in these patriotic colors and hang them invitingly on your door. Mardi Gras colors of royal blues, greens and golds may be different, but we usually end up stocking up on ribbons for Independence Day when we're making purchases for Mardi Gras. Many people make the ribbons in patriotic colors do double duty for the two festivals, with a few changes in accessories. 
Wondering how else to use your Mardi Gras party supplies and leftover masquerade masks for the summer parade? Here are some more great ideas to get you started:

Ideas For Your Fourth Of July Mardi Gras Party

1. Have a poolside masquerade

Add an unusual and fun twist to your usual July 4th poolside party by offering guests masquerade masks or feather boas to wear while they swing their legs in the water and sip on cool summer-flavored juices and soda. You can make it more patriotic by offering white, red and blue juices or seeking out soda bottles in those colors. Add matching towels to go with the Venetian mask theme and you're all set for a fun and unusual summer party that guests are bound to enjoy. Decorate your buntings with carnival beads. It will add a new touch of color to the old ones.

2. Whip up a carnivalesque summer cocktail

Start your party with a mix of carnival flavors and summer flavors that will refresh your guests. A watermelon and tequila cocktail will make a perfect (red-hued) start to the afternoon. Simply cut about 6 pounds of seedless watermelon (to serve eight guests) into chunks and puree it. Strain into a bowl. Whisk in some lemon juice to four cups of the juice and freeze the mixture in ice cube trays, preferably overnight or at least for three hours. Then crush half the cubes in the food processor till broken, add a cup of tequila, blend again and serve in a pitcher. Do the same for the rest of the juice. The watermelon is a summery flavor and the tequila is a carnival staple for cocktails. Want a little more punch? Replace watermelon juice with cranberry juice and add some champagne.

3. Use up ribbons on party favors

If you're making party favors or placeholders, get creative with your leftover carnival ribbons and some sparklers. Pull out the sparklers in bunches and tie them together with patriotic ribbon colors. Curl the ends of the ribbons with your scissors. You could also slide a paper tag punched with a hole into one of the ribbons for writing the name of a guest. The possibilities for a Mardi Gras-themed 4th of July party are endless with a little creativity!

Do you have any other creative ideas to use Mardis Gras supplies for a Fourth of July party?