Friday, March 20, 2015

What to wear to a masquerade prom

Congratulations, you are going to your masquerade prom! Where to find and how to select a mask which will make you a princess and the event unforgettable?
Hand-made Venetian masquerade mask with capon and ostrich feathers

Venetian masquerade masks have long tradition of hiding celebrant's identity and fueling their imagination. Traditional Venetian masks are made of paper mache, macramé, or ceramics and painted in bright colors and adored with crystals, flowers and feather plumes. Hand-made and hand-painted Venetian masks are real pieces of art.

Venetian mask on a stick with large blue ostrich feathers

Venetian style masquerade masks often come with a decorative stick attached to the side of the mask and the mask on a stick is held up with the right hand. These traditional masks on a stick do not have the more modern elastic band which holds the mask on.

Black metal laser-cut masquerade mask

Hi-Tech came into traditional art and craft. Elegant and glamorous Venetian style metal laser-cut masquerade masks are incredibly detailed. These masks come in different metallic colors and are decorated with rhinestone crystals.

Black full face Venetian mask for men

It is becoming more and more popular for men to wear a mask at any masquerade ball or event. Most popular are full face masks and long nose masks. There are matching ladies masks for each men's mask.

Plastic masquerade mask with plastic jewel and glittery accents.

A masquerade mask needn't be expensive to look elegant and stylish. Choose your Venetian style mask for your masquerade prom from a large collection of inexpensive plastic masquerade masks. Save your money when you buy plastic masks in bulk.

White blank paper mache masquerade mask

Think about something unique? Decorate your own  masquerade mask for prom - Do It Yourself! Choose any blank mask from our collection and decorate it with glitterjewels or stones, feathers and plumes, ribbon, bells, confetti, and much more. The possibilities are endless when you become the creator of your event inspired identity.


  1. Masks have been around for centuries. The Greeks used masks to depict the emotions or character of the people they were playing in theater. Later Europeans chose to wear masks at formal balls where they could engage in questionable activities with no loss of dignity because they were anonymous. For a period of time, only criminals wore masks as a means of hiding their identity.

    1. Thank you Vera for your comment. Yes, the history of masks is as long as the history of humankind. Masks are a part of our tradition especially on Mardi Gras, Halloween, and other special event.