Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Graduation Day is weeks away and everyone is getting ready for this one time life event  by looking for prom dresses, costumes, accessories, etc. Many young people celebrate this big event by planning a Masquerade Prom Ball.
Everyone will need a mask to attend the event. We, at Mardi Gras Supplies, make sure we do have a mask for any taste that will match any outfit. Please visit our Mask Department . We do carry a huge selection of affordable hand-decorated Venetian Masks, Masquerade Masks, Metal Laser Cut Masks that are so popular today, and much more. We do have a category dedicated to Men Masks, so everyone can get their mask. You can also find authentic Italian Masks hand-made and painted in Venice. Many young people like to create their own mask. You can find white blank masks under Decoration Masks Department and create your own custom mask. You can purchase feathers, glitter, confetti, sticks and trim for this purpose in our online store.  Our prices rage from $0.50 up to $200.00. We sell the masks individually and in bulk. All prices are listed on our website.  Please see below the most popular Masquerade Prom Masks:

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